5 Reasons Why Cougar Dating Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

Although the thought of cougar dating often carries a sexual connotation, there’s actually something downright sweet about it. Why do we say so? Well, it denotes the capacity of men and women to think beyond the borders and limits of age. Age is just a number and no longer a barrier. And when younger men and older women start thinking outside such a box, they are able to relate in an entirely new way.

5A new way of relating, cougar dating isn’t just a passing fancy or a phase women go through. Rather, it’s a brand-new lifestyle – a new outlook in life that’s here to stay. Somehow (and for some time now), it has stopped being a myth and it has started to be a reality. But far from being grim, hot momma dating is really as sweet and tender as it sounds for the following reasons:

1. You are honest and straightforward about the relationship.

You’re one lucky guy when you succeed at hooking up with cougar singles. Single and unattached, these women expect no commitments and few complications in the relationship. The arrangement usually works, as long as you’re clear, honest, and straightforward with each other.

2. You connect in a way that’s socially and sexually engaging.

Again, count your lucky stars if your conversations are focused on but not limited to light chatting and flirting. As most curious cubs discover, talking to a cool cougar can be quite engaging. Smart and sensible, she’s not the type who rushes into getting engaged or committed. If and when it’s time to let go, fortunately, you’re more likely to disengage like two mature adults.

3. She is free from the drama that leads to desperation.

Correct any misconception that all cougars are sex-crazed, hungry-for-love, desperate women. To succeed at the trade and outlast the competition, the most desirable cougars are not needy to the point of acting desperate. Instead, there are those who wisely bide their time and enjoy the hunt before they smoothly move in on you as a willing target.

4. She won’t drive you crazy with petty quarrels and utter nonsense.

Without generalizing, younger girls tend to fall short of the emotional intelligence that older women have developed. Due to plain, old immaturity and insecurity, they are often haunted by too many issues enough to compete with Cosmo or Vogue. If you’re a man who avoids these issues like the plague, then why let someone drive you insane with her unreasonable demands? Maybe, you’re better off with a hottie who will drive you mad with sheer ecstasy.

5. Lastly, your experience goes beyond sexual; it becomes mutually sensual.

The secret behind a cougar’s staying power is that she’s very much in touch with her own sexuality. To complement a younger man’s strength and stamina, she capitalizes on adding some sleaze and sensuality. Thus, you are able to heighten the pleasure and fully enjoy the experience with abandon and without restraint.

Ending on this note, there’s no holding back on the most sensual experience of your lifetime! Is this just a ploy to sweeten the deal, or is dating a cougar really as sweet as it’s believed to be? Well, better believe it! Cougar dating is even better than it sounds and it’s sweeter than Christmas morning.