6 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Cougar Dating

In the first place, if we’re talking about the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Sharon Stone, then shouldn’t you be hot on the heels of these hottest cougars in town? When it comes to cougar dating, they’re the most talked-about showbiz personalities then and now.

Voted by Men’s Health as “The Sexiest Woman of All Time”, Jennifer Aniston practically looks good on anything. She looks great as the girl-next door and she looks fabulous as a stripper. She’s had her own fair share of fortunate and unfortunate romances – not all of them ending happily, as the one she shared with Brad Pitt – but this hasn’t stopped her from being resilient. Way beyond her signature role in Friends, she’s the one who can play both tragic and comic roles to the hilt, thus, making her the perfect girl of your dreams.

Also enjoying celebrity status as a cougar would be Sharon Stone. A former Ford model, she was made famous by starring in erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct (1992) and playing the less-glamorous role of a porn-star mother in R-rated Lovelace (2013). Incidentally, when questioned about her life imitating art, she replies by saying (and we quote): “Middle age is an open-minded period.”

That’s the key approach in talking about cougar dating: That of being open and open-minded. Now, as to why you should be talking about it, here are six good reasons why:

1. In the first place, people are already talking about it so why shouldn’t you?  It’s been the hot topic of gossip and the hottest craze lately. Younger people are talking about it and older, more mature women are coming out in the open. Thus, we’ve gone beyond gossiping and insinuating in tabloids. More objectively, we’re now discussing the trend in blogs, forums, and chat rooms.

2. Since cougar dating can now be openly talked-about, this opens more avenues and new points for discussion. For instance, based on the narratives and experiences of others, you can now examine the pros and cons of dating a woman older and more experienced than yourself.

3. Talking openly about cougar dating also allows you to be more spontaneous. You’d be more aware of how you’d naturally react to, for example, an indecent proposal. On your part, you’d also be clearer on the signs you’d send back and reciprocate, for instance, through your own body language.

4. In all honesty, engaging in cougar talk is the most sincere thing you can do if you’re contemplating on dating older women. The topic brushes up on your virility, but it doesn’t require you to present a thick resume or a long list of conquests. You just have to be yourself!

5. When you’re secretly dating a cougar, there’s an unspoken code between you. Certain things don’t need to be addressed over and over again. Involved with someone older, you won’t be irresponsible with contraception and birth control. No holds barred, you can talk about anything – and we mean anything under the sun and between the sheets.

6. The bottom line’s that, if you’re extremely attracted to each other, you won’t be doing too much of mindless talking. Half of the time, the talk will linger elsewhere. It won’t only be socially engaging but it will also be sexually arousing.

So, are you ready to talk more about cougar dating? Once you’re open-minded to the idea of older women dating younger men, there’s no stopping you from exploring Cougarland for real. It’s where the hottest and sexiest mature babes await!