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Why Hot Granny Dating Is So Sexy

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One of the top reasons why men find granny dating so sexy is that it’s absolutely naughty! It’s a kinky type of role play that does happen in real life! It’s not some courtesan type of fantasy concocted by fiction writers and erotica fans –well, at least, not anymore!

4On the tame side, there are older-younger romances that sizzle and last, like those of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Likewise, there are cougar-cub relationships that start out strong and fizzle out like that of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. But the really naughty ones who dominate the scene are the grannies who act like Kris Jenner and talk like Joan Rivers.

Shocking and unpredictable, these GILFs are the ones who command your full attention.
So, what exactly makes granny dating so hot and sexy? What do these buxom babes have to offer their mates? If you’re going to play their naughty game and live out the fantasy, here’s how you can both make a GILF affair even hotter and sexier than it already is:

Get Rid Of The Stereotype

First of all, erase any false concepts you have about GILFs. With their efforts less-devoted to the glamour and sophistication exhibited by cougars, these golden girls are no less appealing. They appeal to you, however, just by being a bit more fragile and vulnerable – or so you think! Never underestimate their power over you, though. From one moment to the next, you never know if you’ll get pampered by a slave or scolded by a slut, but all in a doting, endearing kind of way.

Color Your Life With Excitement

On the bright side of life, a granny is someone who secretly hides a colorful and exciting affair. As the object of her affection, expect to enjoy a renewed zest and flavor in life. After all, you’ll be dealing with a naughty, elderly woman with the right blend of sweetness and spice in bed. This sort of creativity can only be brought on by the benefits of age, maturity, and experience.

Go After What You Want

For a real granny to bring it on, she should be a girl with an attitude and an assertive one at that! You can’t fault her for insisting on sometimes being the leader and sometimes acting the follower. After years of being submissive, she loves to be in control! She’s an experienced courtesan who knows what she wants, goes after this, and gets it. With less time spent fault-finding, you won’t take each other on a perennial guilt trip on things left unsaid and undone. Instead, it’s all the things you can do together that will take up more of your precious time.

Always Treat Her Right

Lastly, a GILF knows everything there is to know about reaching full-fledged womanhood. At this particular stage in life which she has attained (and it’s no mean feat), she already knows how to strike a balance between proper selfishness and selflessness. Thus, she wouldn’t mind as much if you indulge yourself, as long as you know who’s in charge!

Thus, the sexiest way to win a granny is to treat her right. Naughty or nice, you’ do her a disservice if you miss out on respect for your mate. And in a world where GILFs rule and she reigns, the key to have a royally good time is to always remember that she, indeed, is queen.

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What Mom Never Told You About Romancing A Cougar

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Are you missing out on the experience of dating a cougar? Have you ever thought about romancing a cougar but were never quite sure if it would sit well with your folks? Well, here’s the catch: What your mom would never, ever dare tell you is that a cougar can be one hot momma! Suggestively referred to as an MILF or GILF, she could be someone else’s mom, aunt, or grand mom!

Oftentimes, timing is everything. It’s not really a matter of how old and mature she is but rather of how ready and open you both are when the time comes. Take the case of the five guys in the movie “American Pie”. Too busy losing their virginity before graduating from high school, these not-so-innocent boys indulge in a series of adventures and misadventures typical of youngsters. Ultimately, many find it hilarious to think that the nerdy, but nevertheless cool, Finch would find the nerve to score with Stifler’s mom. Yet, much to his credit, he did.

Thus, potentially, it is possible for you, too, to hook up with a cougar. In order for you to romance one or a few cougar singles in your time, here’s what mom would never tell you. She would never let on about the tell-tale signs to look for in the women around you, such as:

1. Someone who is never too old to party. At whatever age or stage they’re in, cougars really know how to party and have a great time! Youthful and spirited, they have a sense of fun that will match your own. This is not entirely limited to the fun of dining, drinking, and fornicating; it also extends to the fun of dancing, working out, and more.

2. Someone who never backs down from a challenge. To add to the fun, a cougar also possesses a keen sense of adventure. True to her adventurous nature, she’s brave enough to venture out into the world of dating. This, in fact, takes a lot of courage! More of a “no guts, no glory” outlook than a gung-ho attitude, you’ve got to admire her for her guts. Strong and confident, she’s a sexy, beautiful woman who truly stands out in a crowd. Clearly, she’s cougar and proud of it!

3. Ones who are never shy to be who they are. As opposed to other women their age who continue to live dull, discontented lives, cougars are hip about being middle-aged. They flaunt their figure. They tempt and flirt. As a whole, they’re able to assert themselves and get what they want. They act on their instincts and impulses. Once again, they take charge of their lives and regain control over flagging areas of their life, one of which includes the area of romance and sex.

4. Ones who are never afraid to show they are vulnerable. Older women are never more vulnerable than when they decide to get into cougar dating. It’s a leap into uncharted territory, and yet it’s a plunge they’re willing to take. In the process, they know for a fact that venturing out makes them more vulnerable to both pleasure and pain, to both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. And yet, they venture out anyway!

Knowing how open a cougar can be, to the idea of sex, romance and relationships at her age, are you ready to venture out and romance a cougar in your time? With her biological clock ticking in time with your mom’s, aunt’s, or granny’s, the first thing to cross would be the age-difference gap. Once you’ve overcome and come to terms with age as a factor, there’s no stopping you from having your first, hot cougar romance.

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The Oddest Places Where You Will Find Cougar Women

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Clearly, the question is: Where in the world will you find cougar women to meet and potentially date? If you can take a hint, take it from the script of “The Graduate”.  Set in sunny California, right around the neighborhood of the Robinson home, the plot thickens when an older woman and a younger man get haplessly involved.

Fresh out of college, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) is a 21-year-old college graduate caught between falling in love with the Robinson daughter Elaine and being seduced by the Robinson mom (Anne Bancroft). A married, middle-aged mother, Mrs. Robinson is the epitome of a relentless cougar woman who secretly pursues a much younger man, regardless of whether he’s going to be her daughter’s fiancé or not.

Smiling And Sensual Mature WomanIf you’re to take a cue from this story, fact usually imitates fiction. Past, present, and future, there will always be cougars and cubs in human relationships. Out there in the world today, there are middle-aged women who are constantly on the hunt for younger men. Sometimes, you don’t look for them; they find you!

Intrigued by the idea of being pursued and cornered by a cougar, any male would surely love to know where such conquests can be done. Other than the most obvious choices like going online or going to singles bars and dance clubs, where else could you discreetly pose as a cub eyeing a cougar?

Since it’s quite natural that most men would prefer to be the predator than the prey, here are the oddest but most usual places where you’re likely to find cougar women:

1) Coffee shops. Never underestimate your first stop in the morning. A cup of caramel macchiato or mocha latte could lead you to meet the cougar of your dreams – one who’s just as much a lover of coffee and buns as you are.

2) Art museums. Hey. The art may be ancient, but the women won’t be. Here, you’re bound to meet artsy, craftsy women who are cultured and sophisticated. As people who literally know how to fix up, they’re the ones who tend to age more gracefully.

3) Colleges and universities. Due to the frequency with which you see each other in class, it’s sometimes unavoidable that close ties and friendships are formed. Thus, it would be quite easy to make friends and form ties with single teachers, college professors, and older female classmates.

4) Libraries and bookstores. Who knows what can happen when you pick up a book or drop one off on your way to work or school? If you’re a regular library-goer, maybe it’s time to examine the company you keep on those days. It could be that nice lady who wears contacts instead of glasses or the mom who devours books on her free time. Remember: Public reading places are practical alternatives to visiting an adult bookstore or a porn library just to meet some live cougars.

5) In the workplace. On a day-to-day basis, offices are places where a lot of harmless flirting occurs. Without putting your job in jeopardy, be keen enough to detect the advances of a co-worker more senior than you. You place yourself and your career in a more sensitive position, however, when she happens to be your boss.

6) Within your neighborhood. Back to where we started, it’s an odd yet pleasing fact that the date you’re eyeing could be right within your neighborhood. She could be your next-door neighbor or a newly moved-in divorcee. Because cougar women are everywhere, it all boils down to you finding them and you being found.

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6 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Cougar Dating

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In the first place, if we’re talking about the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Sharon Stone, then shouldn’t you be hot on the heels of these hottest cougars in town? When it comes to cougar dating, they’re the most talked-about showbiz personalities then and now.

Voted by Men’s Health as “The Sexiest Woman of All Time”, Jennifer Aniston practically looks good on anything. She looks great as the girl-next door and she looks fabulous as a stripper. She’s had her own fair share of fortunate and unfortunate romances – not all of them ending happily, as the one she shared with Brad Pitt – but this hasn’t stopped her from being resilient. Way beyond her signature role in Friends, she’s the one who can play both tragic and comic roles to the hilt, thus, making her the perfect girl of your dreams.

Also enjoying celebrity status as a cougar would be Sharon Stone. A former Ford model, she was made famous by starring in erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct (1992) and playing the less-glamorous role of a porn-star mother in R-rated Lovelace (2013). Incidentally, when questioned about her life imitating art, she replies by saying (and we quote): “Middle age is an open-minded period.”

That’s the key approach in talking about cougar dating: That of being open and open-minded. Now, as to why you should be talking about it, here are six good reasons why:

1. In the first place, people are already talking about it so why shouldn’t you?  It’s been the hot topic of gossip and the hottest craze lately. Younger people are talking about it and older, more mature women are coming out in the open. Thus, we’ve gone beyond gossiping and insinuating in tabloids. More objectively, we’re now discussing the trend in blogs, forums, and chat rooms.

2. Since cougar dating can now be openly talked-about, this opens more avenues and new points for discussion. For instance, based on the narratives and experiences of others, you can now examine the pros and cons of dating a woman older and more experienced than yourself.

3. Talking openly about cougar dating also allows you to be more spontaneous. You’d be more aware of how you’d naturally react to, for example, an indecent proposal. On your part, you’d also be clearer on the signs you’d send back and reciprocate, for instance, through your own body language.

4. In all honesty, engaging in cougar talk is the most sincere thing you can do if you’re contemplating on dating older women. The topic brushes up on your virility, but it doesn’t require you to present a thick resume or a long list of conquests. You just have to be yourself!

5. When you’re secretly dating a cougar, there’s an unspoken code between you. Certain things don’t need to be addressed over and over again. Involved with someone older, you won’t be irresponsible with contraception and birth control. No holds barred, you can talk about anything – and we mean anything under the sun and between the sheets.

6. The bottom line’s that, if you’re extremely attracted to each other, you won’t be doing too much of mindless talking. Half of the time, the talk will linger elsewhere. It won’t only be socially engaging but it will also be sexually arousing.

So, are you ready to talk more about cougar dating? Once you’re open-minded to the idea of older women dating younger men, there’s no stopping you from exploring Cougarland for real. It’s where the hottest and sexiest mature babes await!

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5 Reasons Why Cougar Dating Is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

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Although the thought of cougar dating often carries a sexual connotation, there’s actually something downright sweet about it. Why do we say so? Well, it denotes the capacity of men and women to think beyond the borders and limits of age. Age is just a number and no longer a barrier. And when younger men and older women start thinking outside such a box, they are able to relate in an entirely new way.

5A new way of relating, cougar dating isn’t just a passing fancy or a phase women go through. Rather, it’s a brand-new lifestyle – a new outlook in life that’s here to stay. Somehow (and for some time now), it has stopped being a myth and it has started to be a reality. But far from being grim, hot momma dating is really as sweet and tender as it sounds for the following reasons:

1. You are honest and straightforward about the relationship.

You’re one lucky guy when you succeed at hooking up with cougar singles. Single and unattached, these women expect no commitments and few complications in the relationship. The arrangement usually works, as long as you’re clear, honest, and straightforward with each other.

2. You connect in a way that’s socially and sexually engaging.

Again, count your lucky stars if your conversations are focused on but not limited to light chatting and flirting. As most curious cubs discover, talking to a cool cougar can be quite engaging. Smart and sensible, she’s not the type who rushes into getting engaged or committed. If and when it’s time to let go, fortunately, you’re more likely to disengage like two mature adults.

3. She is free from the drama that leads to desperation.

Correct any misconception that all cougars are sex-crazed, hungry-for-love, desperate women. To succeed at the trade and outlast the competition, the most desirable cougars are not needy to the point of acting desperate. Instead, there are those who wisely bide their time and enjoy the hunt before they smoothly move in on you as a willing target.

4. She won’t drive you crazy with petty quarrels and utter nonsense.

Without generalizing, younger girls tend to fall short of the emotional intelligence that older women have developed. Due to plain, old immaturity and insecurity, they are often haunted by too many issues enough to compete with Cosmo or Vogue. If you’re a man who avoids these issues like the plague, then why let someone drive you insane with her unreasonable demands? Maybe, you’re better off with a hottie who will drive you mad with sheer ecstasy.

5. Lastly, your experience goes beyond sexual; it becomes mutually sensual.

The secret behind a cougar’s staying power is that she’s very much in touch with her own sexuality. To complement a younger man’s strength and stamina, she capitalizes on adding some sleaze and sensuality. Thus, you are able to heighten the pleasure and fully enjoy the experience with abandon and without restraint.

Ending on this note, there’s no holding back on the most sensual experience of your lifetime! Is this just a ploy to sweeten the deal, or is dating a cougar really as sweet as it’s believed to be? Well, better believe it! Cougar dating is even better than it sounds and it’s sweeter than Christmas morning.

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