If You Read One Article About GILF Dating

Shocking. Illicit. Outrageous. These are words often used to describe social behaviors such as GILF dating. Apparently, when spelled out in full, the term GILF can be truly shocking, even vulgar. But when granny girlfriends and single grannies go out to date much younger men, there’s nothing illicit about the relationship. It’s just two people getting to know each other casually, despite the age difference which separates them.

RedheadSo, relax… What’s so outrageous about older women casually dating younger men anyway? If we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing older men with younger women, then it’s not such a big deal for older women to be seen with younger men. Ours is a “live and let live” world after all, and it’s possible to coexist nicely.

Setting a judgmental, double-standard attitude aside, it’s time to really figure out what GILF dating is all about. Surely, there are perks to have a granny for a girlfriend, especially if you’re her kind of guy!

Why She Zeroes In On You

Many grannies can’t help but confess that they simply adore younger men. A granny would be the first to admit that she prefers your company, and that can be quite a compliment! She’s hopelessly bored with older men and she’ll find you – the younger guy – a whole lot more interesting!

For starters, you have the energy and youthfulness to match her youthful-spirited ways. She’s much happier with you as compared to being with a more mature man who may, in fact, already be at the stages of losing his “joy in life”. With the waxing and waning of an elderly male’s attention (not to mention that of the proverbial erection), you’re much preferred and more than competent. Young and virile, you’re the favored one.

What’s In It For You

At one or two generations apart, what will the coupling be like? What’s in it for you?
On one hand, the experience can be very gratifying. When you’re dating a GILF, you’ll find that you’ve been happily coupled with someone who’s confident, independent, well-established, and often with money of her own. This aura of self-sufficiency can be pretty attractive especially to males who prefer females who are less needy and more nurturing.

On the other hand, the experience can also be best-described as titillating. This means a stimulus that pleasures and excites in an extraordinarily erotic kind of way. As a whole, it’s not just the physical contact which will be stimulating; so will the mental and emotional connection you gain from interacting with someone older and more experienced than yourself.

What’s In It For Her

For the older, more experienced one, what is she after? What’s in it for her?
For women her age who have most probably been in and out of relationships, the answer lies in the “spark”. Call it passion, vibes, or any other name, it’s that instant kind of physical attraction. It’s the fire in her eyes that connects and ignites with yours. It’s those long, hot, lingering gazes that fuel your adrenalin and raise your libido.

And why does she go after that spark, much like a firefly persistently attracted to the flame? Think of it as a glowing reminder that she’s young and alive! Nipped in the bud by an early marriage, an unexpected pregnancy, or too many responsibilities, now she’s given a second chance at life. Not one to be wasted, she’s more than ready to blossom in her own good time – that is, if everyone would just be a little more relaxed and casual about GILF dating.