Shocking Ways Granny Dating Will Make You Better In Bed

Well, it no longer comes as a shock that many younger men have gone after much older women –women old enough to be their grannies.  What’s furthest from the truth is that these are younger men who lack the looks, height, or figure to win a gal. And neither are these older women who snag any guy only out of sheer desperation.

Rather, it’s the younger fellow attracted to the older, more worldly-wise one purely by choice. More experienced in the affairs of the world, she becomes both mentor and tormentor. She becomes a friend, lover, and teacher.

3If there’s something which an affair with a GILF will teach you, it’s how to please a woman and fulfill yourself as a man. But how exactly will it make you better in bed? Here are five secret ingredients which she’ll sneak over to you whenever you choose to dip into your granny’s cookie jar:

1. Attraction. Sparks will surely fly when you get a huge dose of instant attraction. How can you not be hopelessly attracted to a woman who has mastered the art of flirtation? Depending on the mood of the moment and the granny you’re with, she may seduce you subtly or flirt with you outrageously.

2. Pleasure. Considering you’re her boy toy, she will instill in you a wild desire to please and be pleased. You’ll become more adept at pleasure-giving. As you participate in more uninhibited pleasures, you let down your guard. You discover more of the many shocking ways by which you become better in bed.

3. Fantasy. Here’s a woman who loves to dream and fantasize. Whether it’s your fantasy or hers, the sex play will be great. You’ll be free to sow your wild oats and, yes, dip into her jar for many happy returns without risking a pregnancy or promising marriage.

4. Fitness. Picture Aunt Acid on FB: She’s your typical grandmother with grey locks, owl-rimmed glasses, and a matronly clutch bag. Well, unless you want it to be, this isn’t always the case. The golden girls of today may be into health and fitness. There are those with tight bodies toned by sessions of Pilates and Zumba. Some possess an even tighter grip, thanks to vaginal repair, pole dancing, and Kegel exercises.

5. Connection. Grannies are people you can really talk to and connect with on a more mature level. Especially if you’re precocious and ahead of your years, they’ll be patient enough to lead the way. And because it’s more about the spark and connection you make, it improves your performance by reducing the pressure to perform. This can be a huge stress-reliever even for a younger man.

Thanks to your granny’s bedside manner, your sex life will be greatly enriched. There’ll be more lessons to learn between the sheets than from the pages of a manual. So, do yourself a favor and romp in bed with granny. Cuddle up to her and learn all her shocking tricks. Just be ready to explore with her, and you’ll have one whole instruction book laid out for you.