What Mom Never Told You About Romancing A Cougar

Are you missing out on the experience of dating a cougar? Have you ever thought about romancing a cougar but were never quite sure if it would sit well with your folks? Well, here’s the catch: What your mom would never, ever dare tell you is that a cougar can be one hot momma! Suggestively referred to as an MILF or GILF, she could be someone else’s mom, aunt, or grand mom!

Oftentimes, timing is everything. It’s not really a matter of how old and mature she is but rather of how ready and open you both are when the time comes. Take the case of the five guys in the movie “American Pie”. Too busy losing their virginity before graduating from high school, these not-so-innocent boys indulge in a series of adventures and misadventures typical of youngsters. Ultimately, many find it hilarious to think that the nerdy, but nevertheless cool, Finch would find the nerve to score with Stifler’s mom. Yet, much to his credit, he did.

Thus, potentially, it is possible for you, too, to hook up with a cougar. In order for you to romance one or a few cougar singles in your time, here’s what mom would never tell you. She would never let on about the tell-tale signs to look for in the women around you, such as:

1. Someone who is never too old to party. At whatever age or stage they’re in, cougars really know how to party and have a great time! Youthful and spirited, they have a sense of fun that will match your own. This is not entirely limited to the fun of dining, drinking, and fornicating; it also extends to the fun of dancing, working out, and more.

2. Someone who never backs down from a challenge. To add to the fun, a cougar also possesses a keen sense of adventure. True to her adventurous nature, she’s brave enough to venture out into the world of dating. This, in fact, takes a lot of courage! More of a “no guts, no glory” outlook than a gung-ho attitude, you’ve got to admire her for her guts. Strong and confident, she’s a sexy, beautiful woman who truly stands out in a crowd. Clearly, she’s cougar and proud of it!

3. Ones who are never shy to be who they are. As opposed to other women their age who continue to live dull, discontented lives, cougars are hip about being middle-aged. They flaunt their figure. They tempt and flirt. As a whole, they’re able to assert themselves and get what they want. They act on their instincts and impulses. Once again, they take charge of their lives and regain control over flagging areas of their life, one of which includes the area of romance and sex.

4. Ones who are never afraid to show they are vulnerable. Older women are never more vulnerable than when they decide to get into cougar dating. It’s a leap into uncharted territory, and yet it’s a plunge they’re willing to take. In the process, they know for a fact that venturing out makes them more vulnerable to both pleasure and pain, to both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. And yet, they venture out anyway!

Knowing how open a cougar can be, to the idea of sex, romance and relationships at her age, are you ready to venture out and romance a cougar in your time? With her biological clock ticking in time with your mom’s, aunt’s, or granny’s, the first thing to cross would be the age-difference gap. Once you’ve overcome and come to terms with age as a factor, there’s no stopping you from having your first, hot cougar romance.