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One thing you’ll learn about dating an older woman is that it’s not the same as dating a woman your own age. Let’s say you’re a 20-something guy that is living the dream – working hard and partying harder. You’re sick of the clingy, needy, obsessive 20-something girls you keep dating with their crazy ways and mental ovaries. You want something that isn’t too much. You want a girl that isn’t expecting marriage, kids, commitment, or any of that crap.

What you’re looking for gentlemen, is a cougar.

She’s an older woman. She’s been around the block a few times and has probably already been married. She’s 30-something and above. MILF is the term for a mother that you’d like to.. well, you get the idea. GILF is the term for a grandmother. Don’t disregard the idea… There are some pretty hot grandmothers out there. Just remember that someone can be a grandmother as soon as the early thirties. Now think about how many 30-something women you’ve thought about banging….

She’s older than you are which means she’s had her fair share of sexual encounters. Not only is she going to know things that will blow your mind, but she’ll teach you how to be a fantastic lover. She’s not down for any fluff and frivolity. What’s the point in her taking on a younger guy if he can’t even make her climax? She’s going to teach you how to do the job properly… not the way your 20-something girls taught you how to make her fake it. Think about it…

She’s going to let you have your space. If she’s a divorced woman there are probably kids for her to bother herself with. There may even be grand kids, as I’ve already mentioned. She might have a successful career or a busy social schedule. There’s a good chance she’s not going to want you around all the time. This gives you the time to do whatever it is that you love to do – playing the Xbox in your pants while drinking beer and eating potato chips probably. Either way, she’s not going to care that you go out on Friday night with your mates down the pub. Well… unless you guys already had plans of course.

There are so many advantages to dating an older woman. These cougars and granny’s are loving the idea of the younger guy because biologically, it makes perfect sense. A female is meant to be in her prime on her thirties whereas for a guy, it’s in his twenties. They were even sexually created to work in this type of couple environment. It almost makes you wonder – why aren’t more people doing it?

As much as this is a woman that you probably won’t want to take home to meet your mother, mostly because they are around a similar age bracket, they are great for a long term sex partner, educator, indulger and lover if you let them… The only question is this – do you think you are ready for the challenge?

Enjoy my tips by the way!

Love ya!

Sandy Z