Why Hot Granny Dating Is So Sexy

One of the top reasons why men find granny dating so sexy is that it’s absolutely naughty! It’s a kinky type of role play that does happen in real life! It’s not some courtesan type of fantasy concocted by fiction writers and erotica fans –well, at least, not anymore!

4On the tame side, there are older-younger romances that sizzle and last, like those of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Likewise, there are cougar-cub relationships that start out strong and fizzle out like that of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. But the really naughty ones who dominate the scene are the grannies who act like Kris Jenner and talk like Joan Rivers.

Shocking and unpredictable, these GILFs are the ones who command your full attention.
So, what exactly makes granny dating so hot and sexy? What do these buxom babes have to offer their mates? If you’re going to play their naughty game and live out the fantasy, here’s how you can both make a GILF affair even hotter and sexier than it already is:

Get Rid Of The Stereotype

First of all, erase any false concepts you have about GILFs. With their efforts less-devoted to the glamour and sophistication exhibited by cougars, these golden girls are no less appealing. They appeal to you, however, just by being a bit more fragile and vulnerable – or so you think! Never underestimate their power over you, though. From one moment to the next, you never know if you’ll get pampered by a slave or scolded by a slut, but all in a doting, endearing kind of way.

Color Your Life With Excitement

On the bright side of life, a granny is someone who secretly hides a colorful and exciting affair. As the object of her affection, expect to enjoy a renewed zest and flavor in life. After all, you’ll be dealing with a naughty, elderly woman with the right blend of sweetness and spice in bed. This sort of creativity can only be brought on by the benefits of age, maturity, and experience.

Go After What You Want

For a real granny to bring it on, she should be a girl with an attitude and an assertive one at that! You can’t fault her for insisting on sometimes being the leader and sometimes acting the follower. After years of being submissive, she loves to be in control! She’s an experienced courtesan who knows what she wants, goes after this, and gets it. With less time spent fault-finding, you won’t take each other on a perennial guilt trip on things left unsaid and undone. Instead, it’s all the things you can do together that will take up more of your precious time.

Always Treat Her Right

Lastly, a GILF knows everything there is to know about reaching full-fledged womanhood. At this particular stage in life which she has attained (and it’s no mean feat), she already knows how to strike a balance between proper selfishness and selflessness. Thus, she wouldn’t mind as much if you indulge yourself, as long as you know who’s in charge!

Thus, the sexiest way to win a granny is to treat her right. Naughty or nice, you’ do her a disservice if you miss out on respect for your mate. And in a world where GILFs rule and she reigns, the key to have a royally good time is to always remember that she, indeed, is queen.